Anti-Bullying Program


Desert Sky’s Anti-Bullying Program

Bullying occurs everywhere – schools, homes, neighborhoods, athletics, and in the workplace. Bullying also transcends national boundaries. It happens in all parts of the world. Essentially bullying can be defined as intentionally cruel behavior, overt or covert, which aims to harm others by causing great physical and/or mental pain.

In school, unfortunately, the act of bullying can have a tremendous impact upon students who are victims of bullying, the bully him/herself, and the student who witnesses the bullying. A school’s learning environment is deeply effected when instances of bullying are allowed to continue without intervention and/or consequence.

With this in mind, Desert Sky continues to build upon its Anti-Bullying Program which was put into place several years ago. Since the programs inception, bullying-related suspensions (please see suspension data below) and instances of bullying have dropped significantly.

Desert Sky’s Anti-Bullying Program Highlights:

*At the onset of the each school year, students participate in a variety of team- building and community-building activities. Participation in these activities helps students build positive relationships with others, and they are educated about bullying and the negative effects ongoing bullying can cause others.

*”Bully Boxes” are in every classroom and in various other locations on campus. To report an instance of bullying, students fill out a form and place it into the Bully Box in order to report an instance of bullying. The teacher, social worker, or administrator who receives the report will respond accordingly.

*Each month, August through May, every social studies teacher teaches two lessons which are aligned with the topic for that particular month (please see monthly topics below).

*Anti-Bullying posters and bulletin boards are displayed in rooms throughout the campus.

As with any school program, success to a large degree cannot be attained without support from home. We respectfully ask for your involvement by speaking with your children about bullying, the effects of it, and the lessons which are being taught each month here at school. Together, as a learning community, we can make enormous strides towards truly reducing instances of bullying on our campus.

Anti-Bullying Calendar

August   What is bullying?


-bully behaviors
-handling instances of bullying

September  Health & Appearance
November   Self-Esteem & Social Skills
December   Anger Management & Conflict Resolution
January Gossip & Reputations

February Cliques & Labels
April Race & Cultural Diversity

May Suicide & Violence Connection