Citizenship Rubric


Students’ behavior will be assessed using the Vail School
District’s ACT statement. Criteria for each behavior is listed below. Criteria includes but is not limited to the following:

• Respectful –
Demonstrates appropriate social skills such as speaker courtesy, polite speech, and courtesy to staff and peers.
• Trustworthy –
Demonstrates honest behavior by not cheating, lying, or stealing.
• Caring –
Demonstrates kindness towards staff and peers by being helpful and supportive, working cooperatively, and encouraging others. Students demonstrate positive interactions by avoiding bullying behaviors such as gossiping, spreading rumors, name calling, and physical aggression.
• Responsibility –
Demonstrates responsible behavior by following school and classroom rules and by accepting consequences for his/her own actions. Students are responsible for their own learning by following through with assigned work, completing make-up work, and asking for help and clarification.

All students will begin within the “Meets” category at the start of each quarter. Movement up or down within the Citizenship Rubric is based upon students’ behavior throughout the quarter.

• Exceeds –

Exhibits outstanding, exemplary behavior; citizenship behaviors are easily and frequently observed.
• Meets –
Consistently exhibits citizenship behaviors.

• *Approaches –

Inconsistently exhibits citizenship behaviors; needs to focus on improving in one or more areas.

• *Falls Far Below –

Rarely exhibits citizenship behaviors; needs to focus on improving in one or more areas.

*Students who fall within the “Approaches” or “Falls Far Below” area are not eligible to participate in after school sports for at least one week. At the time of the next eligibility check, students’ eligibility will be reinstated if they have moved to the “Meets” category. Eligibility is checked on Thursday of every week.