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Week of 5/20

Desert Sky Cougars, great job!  You did it!

By the end of this week you will be moving on to your new grades.

6th grade-You will be completing your 1st year of Middle School!  You will rock your second year! Remember to be a great example to our new incoming 6th graders!

7th grade-You will be moving on to the 8th grade!  Remember, expectations for you will be high, but you got this!

8th grade-You will be high schoolers! Remember, you will not be the only freshman to start a new school, you are not alone!

As you complete your last week of school, I would like to take this time to tell you, have a wonderful summer break!  It was great to work with all of you this past school year.

Take care of yourself,

Mrs. Pat

Hey guys,

 We don’t have that many weeks of school left so that means summer break is right around the corner! I am sure you are all really excited about that. But remember to give your best effort to the school work you have left. Remember to stay safe and wash your hands. I miss seeing you guys so much. Happy Monday 🙂 Isabella Benson
“DSMS students! I hope you had a great weekend! School is almost over! I cant wait to see everyone when our new school year begins! -Amber”
Thank you!
Amber C
Hello everyone!
I hope everyone is staying healthy and doing well! Schools almost over with and I’m sure a lot of you can’t wait for summer so congratulations on finishing the school year even with all these roadblocks, you guys are amazing! Nothing really new for me but if you remember I told you guys I was moving and it looks like I’ll officially be moving in next Friday so I’m super excited about that and ready for a very busy week. Finish these next few weeks strong and stay safe and healthy!
Mr. James
Hey DSMS students!

I can’t believe there is only a few weeks left till school is out. To all you eight graders I hope you’re excited and ready for the adventure of highschool! As for the future 7th and 8th graders be ready to come back ready and prepared to take on the year, we can’t wait to see you guys! Have a great week and stay safe!

Sincerely, Mr. Aaron
Hey everyone,
Hope you are all staying safe and healthy and continuing to learn.  Keep up the good work.
Mr. Cole

Howdy Cougars,

We are two weeks from ending our 2019-2020 school year.  Even though this school year is ending like no other in our history, you can say “I remembered when we stopped going to school in March due the Covid-19 virus, It was  ____________.”, only you can finish that sentence.

I wonder if you can fill in the blanks, with the great time you had with your family, Zooming with classmates and your teachers, or even connecting more than ever with your friends over social media.

Even if you fill in your blanks of the sentence is not a good experience.  I hope you can grow and learn from those times.  We cannot change what happened yesterday, but we can work on changing today.

Take care,

Mrs. Pat

Hey Y’all,

I hope that you are doing well.
I want to thank all of you, for working so hard. It has been wonderful running into some of you at the stores. I can’t wait for the new school year to start. I probably won’t recognize some of you, because of that summer growth spurt. Once this virus clears up a bit. I hope that you will go out and celebrate your accomplishments. Go have fun! Go hang out with your friends and family. I hope to see some of you next week at school, for the book and school laptops’ return. See Y’all soon.
Mr. Ron

Dear Cougars,

I know a lot of things have been fairly different over the past year, but I hope all of you have tried to make the best of it, and were able to enjoy what you could!
Going forward, I can understand that you may have times when you are feeling down and out. I know my son himself had some stressful times when he was in middle school and high school. However, in his words, he was able to make it through by asking for help whenever he needed it, and I am happy to say that he will now be graduating from high school this month! Thus, it is always important to try getting help from people like your parents, siblings, teachers, or friends whenever you find yourself in need of assistance. You will always eventually find someone who can help if you are willing to ask for help in the first place.
It also doesn’t hurt to start thinking about what you plan on doing in the future for college. Don’t worry if you still aren’t sure; it often takes time and experience before you realize what you are truly passionate about. My son even said that, although he plans to go to the University of Arizona to take sciences and minor in music, he is still open to discovering what career he wants to pursue. Just like you, he experienced many challenges  before moving on to the next phase of his life.
So, do not give up, and keep on trucking!
Good luck Cougars, I wish you the best!
Mrs. D.


I hope everyone’s had a good week, I’ve enjoyed celebrating my brothers birthday this week, it was great to see my nephew and how much he’s grown. Other than that it’s pretty much the same old same old. I hope everyone is staying sane and safe!
-Lucas Paul Costa
Hey Cougars,
8th grader’s I cant believe how fast our time has gone by. I have so many things I want to say and hear from you about your next steps for high school, your future and your life. You know, the things I like to go discuss during 4Q.So I thought this would be the easiest way for me to break it down. Ready….😬

8th grade lunch. goodness!

The table by the snack bar, what a bunch of Incredible young men and ladies. I know you’ll go far in this life as I’ve seen it in all of you. I seen you all be funny, laughing out loud while pulling pranks on each other and being there for each other. Keep it up!

The tables that are front middle, you keep me on my toes, you all are so funny. Always with the silliness. What amazing bunch of young man And what a great tight knit group. Make sure to keep those friends friendships strong the way I know you would.

The other half of the middle are you ladies who are truly beautiful and amazing. I love to watch this group with the great conversations and taking care of each other through relationships and fighting and in making up. I know you’re there for each other.

The groul that sits at the tables by the door you that you all enter in. You have so much energy , I wish I could have the energy you ladies have and gentlemen do. So breath taking, you all have everything going for you! Can’t wait to see how your plans for the future goes.
Lol and I won’t move your flute. This time!

The back tables by the bathrooms, you also are so sassy and fun. Strong opinions and thoughts and so much courage at a young age. You all need to stay strong as I know you will! This world is a big place dont let it take over, keep being you. Just watch out for each other.

The Middle back tables, oh you beautiful girls, I think you’ll do fine out in this world. You are intelligent and you have common sense. You keep it together under pressure. I can’t wait to see what you bring to this world. So much happiness!

The other half of the back tables….WoW you all have always watched out for each other. That’s amazing! Hope you can hold on to that. But… you all make my day every time I get to see you in the lunch room. I can still see the kid in y’all and that’s wonderful!

The back table by Mrs Francis’s room. You know who you are. You’re a silly little group with so much going on. You are incredible, always keeping us on our toes. Your table is a strong bunch. So Incredible beyond your time. Making sure to keep a eye on each other, the way you all taken care of each other. Now that’s Fantastic ! I just wish I could see more of that.

Please forgive me if I didn’t get your group, but know I’m thinking of you’ll. So many of you!

I know it may not have been able to touch base with each and everyone of you, the way I like to at the end of a school year. I hope you realize how much you realy mean to me and how much you really mean to the future of this world! You all are are amazing and loved more than you’ll ever know ! Don’t forget about us here at Desert Sky, keep in touch and come by and see us when this is all over and done with.

miss Jo
Love this magical place

Hello Cougars.

It’s May 11, 2020 and as of today, you only have two more weeks of school for the 2019 – 2020 school year.  Time sure seemed to fly by except for the past two months that is and I’m sure everyone is missing that last month of a school year where you can pretty much cost to the finish line while reflecting on your accomplishments and all the hard work you had to put into getting that final grade. You students have got to give yourselves a big pat on your back for being able to handle all the new and different challenges you’ve had to become skilled at.

Please take the time during the next two weeks to give your caring teachers a big thank you because they also went over and beyond the normal to ensure you received those skill sets.

It should show you that although this Virus has shut down our entire country, you and Desert Sky Middle School Students, have been able to overcome, adapt and conquer the final two months of a school year under extraordinary conditions.  That’s saying allot Cougars.  We are all so proud of you.  I think going forward in your quest for educational achievement, you can look back on this time in your life and say wow, I got this, I can do this, I have done this and I will draw strength from this the rest of your life.

Oh, please don’t forget to practice those daily safety habits, like hand washing, not torching your faces, social distancing, face covering etc.  Things will start to get back to some type of normal, but, we still have got to stay on top of this Virus.

Mr. Rudy