Cougar Classes


Core Classes

There are four core classes:

1) Language Arts
2) Math
3) Social Studies
4) Science

Seventh and eighth grade teachers are organized into four teacher teams. Each teacher handles one of the four core subjects.

Sixth grade is organized into two teacher teams. On each team, one teacher handles math and science, and the other handles language arts and social studies.

Advisory Class

Every student at Desert Sky is assigned to an advisory class. During advisory, students take part in DMS, watch Channel One News and our own Cougar News Central broadcasts, and consult with their advisory teacher as needed. When you have concerns about your child’s overall performance, your primary school contact is your child’s advisory teacher.

Specialist Classes

Students at Desert Sky attend specialist classes daily. Our specialist classes are Art, Physical Education, and STEM. In addition, students may also take part in Band or Choir.