Desert Sky Middle School's mission is to provide:

  • a safe and positive learning environment
  • high standards for academic and behavioral excellence
  • trusting and respectful relationships
  • varied learning opportunities

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School Hours: 8:00-3:00

Office Hours: 7:30-3:30

Phone: (520) 879-2700

Fax: (520) 879-2701

Safe Schools Hotline: (520) 879-1111

Check-in and 20/21 Team Requests


Dear Desert Sky Families,

I hope you are all safe and healthy. We sure miss our middle schoolers and all of you!

I want to thank you all for your incredible support. The kindness and grace you have shown our teachers as we navigate the school closure has been incredible.

We are currently in the end of the fifth week of our new normal, and I hope you have had time to create a routine or sense normalcy in your home. We will continue to post Schoology activities each Monday as part of our new norm, and teachers/school staff will continue to find ways to connect with students. We will also continue to enter assignments into Powerschool so you can see the different assignments your child has completed.

I also want to acknowledge that as parents, right now many of you are working, parenting, and teaching. In a recent meeting we discussed this quote from Dr. Emily King: “Working, parenting, and teaching are three different jobs that cannot be done at the same time. It’s not hard because you are doing it wrong. It’s hard because it’s too much. Do the best you can. When you have to pick, because at some point you will, choose connection.

I believe this quote speaks to what many of us are feeling…. it sure spoke to me. I encourage you, as parents, to do what you need to do to take care of yourselves as well. You are all doing a really fantastic job…and as a mom, I know that it is not easy right now. Many of our families are in different places and facing very different things. We understand, and if we can help, your child’s teachers are only an email or Zoom away.

I also know that many of you have been wondering about team requests. Please see the attached letter for how to submit a Team Request for next year. This year will be a tad different. Instead of sending an email to Mrs. Marsh, please use the link below to submit your request.


Again, I hope you and your family are doing well.


Katie Dabney

Team Request parent letter 2020:21

Food Bag Information

Hello wonderful Desert Sky families,
I hope you all are hanging in there during this difficult time! It is definitely something for the history books! 🙂 I wanted to reach out to you as my families that get our Friday bags…we are still wanting to get those out to folks so I wanted to see about your availability. I’m not sure when I will be getting them so I will be in contact to get them to you. Would you be able to meet me at the school if I set a specific time? Also, just like Christmas, I can get you a basket for Easter. Please reply to this email if you continue to be in need and how many are in your family. As this was a surprise, I left school without my files. 🙂

Thanks so much! I will definitely be in touch!
Jennifer Wright
Student Services Coordinator
Desert Sky Middle School
(520) 879-2706

School Closure Update – John Carruth

Dear Vail Parents,

We have been spending considerable time crafting plans to offer support to you and your children while our schools are closed as part of the state’s plan to slow the spread of COVID-19.

We are preparing to return to school on March 30th, while simultaneously preparing for the reality that school closures could be extended.

You will be receiving notice from your child’s principal soon regarding the specifics of those plans over the course of the remainder of the closures. Should the closures be extended, we will continue to communicate with you regarding the implications and our plans to move forward.

If you have specific questions regarding plans or the impact of the closures on certain events, please consult with your child’s principal or with me. Events around COVID-19 are changing rapidly. We will do our best to answer your questions with the information that we have at that time.

Our community is a very special place. Our children are our most precious gift. While we plan and adjust to this unprecedented time, we lean on time tested “Vail values” to guide us:

We are a place where education is a community effort.
We are reminded how to ACT.
And as a staff, we seek to provide you, parents, with a safe place where your children can obtain a quality education.

These values don’t prevent us from making mistakes, but they do call us all to work together, to extend grace to each other when we stumble, and simply, to do the best we can while educating our children and serving our community- regardless of the circumstances.


John Carruth