PRIDE Program


One of the most important goals the staff at Desert Sky Middle School has is to help students establish the necessary and beneficial study skills that will ensure their success in school now and in the future. To help us facilitate this goal, Desert Sky uses the PRIDE Program.

PRIDE is an acronym for Personal Responsibility In Daily Efforts. The PRIDE Program addresses three expectations:

  • Students will arrive to class on time
  • Students will complete and turn in assignments on the day they aredue
  • Students will come to class prepared (materials, books, Chromebook,  andsupplies)


    In the student agenda, you will find PRIDE stamp sheets. For every day of the year, for each class, your child will be given a “yes” if he/she has met the PRIDE Program expectations or a “no” stamp if expectations were not met.


    If a student receives all “yes” stamps during a given time period, there are ample rewards in place to reinforce this positive behavior.

• Weekly – At the beginning of each week, students’ PRIDE stamp sheets will be checked for all “yes” stamps from the previous week. Students who have all “yes” stamps for that week will be eligible to have their name drawn for a prize on our Cougar News Central live TV broadcast.

  • Monthly – Students with all “yes” stamps for the month will receive a “Homework Pass”. The “Homework Pass” can be used in lieu of a homework assignment. The student must check with his/her teacher first to determine if the “Homework Pass” can be used for that assignment. In addition, students will receive a PRIDE Plus Card. The card will take the place of the student’s stamp sheet. The student will no longer have to be stamped. However, he/she will need to show his/her PRIDE Plus Card. A student who earns the PRIDE Plus Card will keep it as long as he/ she does not receive any “no” stamps. When a student has a PRIDE Plus Card and does not meet one of the PRIDE Program expectations, the card will be taken away, and the student will have to use the stamp sheet again.
  • Quarterly – Students with all “yes” stamps for the quarter will be given award certificates at our quarterly award assemblies and be able to participate in a school reward activity.
  • Yearly – Students with all “yes” stamps for the entire year will receive a trophy.WE CARE PASS

    We recognize that students are not perfect. Even the most organized students may forget an assignment or book at home. Therefore, all students receive a monthly “We Care Pass”. This pass is in essence a “do-over”, a “mulligan” or a “freebie” if you will. This pass allows students the opportunity to have either a tardy, missing assignment or missing materials once a month without consequences. Students are then given a “yes” stamp for that class. Students may not trade, share, or sell a “We Care Pass” to another student.


If a student receives a “no” stamp, then the student must serve PRIDE Hour after school the following day. PRIDE Hour will be held Monday – Thursday, 3:00 p.m. – 3:45 p.m., throughout the school year. It is the student’s responsibility to notify his/her parents that he/she will be staying for PRIDE Hour. Bus transportation home after PRIDE Hour will not be available.


  • When students are assigned to PRIDE Hour, they will be expected to work on schoolwork until they are dismissed. Teachers will be available for homework help. If a student refuses to work or is off- task, he/she will be assigned another PRIDE Hour to make up the time.
  • When a student is assigned to PRIDE Hour and does not attend he/ she will be assigned to PRIDE Hour for the next two days. Failure to report twice during the school year will result in an in-school suspension.
  • If a student loses his/her stamp sheet, he/she will be issued a replacement sheet for the remainder of the month, receive a “no” stamp for not being prepared and will serve a PRIDE Hour. The second lost sheet will result in the student serving two PRIDE Hours. After that, lost stamp sheets will result in serving three days of PRIDE Hours.
  • Students involved in extra-curricular activities must serve PRIDE Hour before they can attend practices or games/activities. Students must also serve PRIDE Hour before making up remediation hours.