A School Day at Desert Sky…

Please review this page for information about our new safety and wellness procedures for what school will look like when we return.

This information is subject to change.

Updated September 18, 2020


Hybrid Groups:

Students will be split into two groups (A & B) based on the first letter of their last name. Students in group A will attend school on campus on Mondays and Wednesdays and students in group B will attend school on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Face Coverings:

VUSD Face Covering Policy 9-15-20

School Supplies:


For the 20/21 school year, school hours will be 8:00am – 2:00pm.  Students will proceed directly to their advisory class upon arrival until the school day begins at 8:00.  When students arrive they will enter through an assigned gate based on their advisory classroom. Gates will open at 7:35.

  • Students with Advisory Class in 500 Pod will enter through the Art Room Gate (East Gate).
  • Students with Advisory Class in the 400 Pod will enter through Front Gate by the office.
  • Student with Advisory Class in the 300 POD including rooms 136 and 137 will enter through the West Gate (adjacent to Tarbela Road).
  • Walkers will be allowed to enter the campus at 7:35 and should arrive no earlier, please plan accordingly.
  • Students who are dropped off must wait in a vehicle until the gates open at 7:35 or later to allow for social distancing.

While we adjust to new systems we anticipate students are likely to be tardy the first week(s).

  • Students will not be marked tardy before 8:15 am. They may proceed directly to class without a pass and will be excused.
  • Parents are not required to come in to sign in students before 8:15 am.


In the Classroom:

  • Desks will be arranged in rows.
  • For classrooms with tables, students will be separated as much as possible. Plastic dividers may be provided.
  • Backpacks will stay with students in the classroom to reduce travel within the room.
  • Hand sanitizers will be provided in all classrooms. Students with use hand sanitizer at the beginning of each period. When feasible, students will be encouraged to wash hands in classrooms with available sinks.
  • Desks will be sanitized regularly during specials and lunch periods within the school day.
  • Students will be given a supply list and will be require to bring their individual supplies everyday.  Shared supplies will not be permitted.


Walkways and Transitions:

  • In walkways students will follow a counter-clockwise direction flow. Large arrows and signage will be displayed for communication.
  • Students will not line up or congregate outside of classrooms.
  • Non-teaching staff will supervise students on restrooms breaks and walkway procedures.



  • A 20 minute recess will be built into each team’s schedule.
  • Staff will supervise recess and keep classes separated into designated areas.



  • Students will attend lunch by teams. Two advisories will eat outside, two advisories will eat in the MPR (socially distanced). Inside/outside eating with switch each week.
  • Bar code scanners will be utilized in place of keypads for lunch purchases.  Students must have barcodes ready to be scanned before approaching the point of sale.
  • Staff will monitor students walking to lunch and enforce walkway procedures.
  • Students will have 20 minutes to eat and a 20 minute recess built into their schedule.



  • PE – Students will not be dressing out or using shared equipment.  Classes will focus on individual sports, activities, calisthenics, yoga, etc.
  • Art & STEM- Sharing of student supplies will be limited.  Any resources that must be shared will be sanitized between any student use.
  • Band, Choir, Orchestra – Content will focus on music theory.  Students in these courses will attend and participate remotely regardless of wether they are on campus or working from home.  Students on campus will be monitored during their remote attendance from the room with their advisory group.


  • Students will be dismissed through an assigned gate based on the room from which they are released.
  • Teachers will walk students to their dismissal gates and ensure they follow walkway procedures.
  • Your patience is appreciated during the first few weeks while everyone learns the traffic flow.

Health Aid:

  • Please keep students at home who are exhibiting the symptoms listed below.
  • We will be utilizing an alternate space as a “sick” room.
  • Students who are displaying symptoms of any flu, cold, or respiratory type illness will use this room instead of the health office.